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Can develop the game of child attention
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Method one: Observe the water in different cup

Realia: Two two cups of same size, cups of different measurement


1, the cup mount that uses two same size is identical quantitative water, let darling observe whether two cups of water are same much.

2, among them one of cups that the water in a cup enters different measurement, observe whether two cups of water are same much. If treasure thinks different much, come back water, let darling observation again, cause darling to find out the answer.

3, in the glass that pours the water in two cups of same size into two different measurement, guide darling observation. Let darling know, no matter object surface produces any change its amount is changeless.

In the process that employ, the hand eye that poured water to also train darling coordinates ability, developed dedicated power of the child.

Method 2: Queue up to Little Bear

Realia: 10 rubber Little Bear

Requirement: 1, let darling by pour water to transfer to arrange young toy by different kind will know " the concept of conservation " .

2, divide Little Bear 2 groups, every groups 5, the platoon becomes two horizontal setting of types, let darling observe two groups same much.

3, change among them a group formation, for example: Surround into a circle, let darling observation, two groups same much.

3, the formation that changes two groups, the exemple is consistent group circle, a group of vertical setting of types, observe two groups same much.

Darling lets know in the home when you " the concept of conservation " when, you can choose some daily articles for daily use in any homes to undertake training to darling in the process that employ. The observation ability that develops the child already so, logistic thinking ability mastered the concept of conservation at the same time.

Appropriate age: 2 years old of above.

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