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By classroom education medium psychology is taught
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In should try educational mode, the central assignment that the school teachs is to make the student is passed master knowledge, rise should try mastery of a skill or technique in order to achieve the goal of enter a higher school. Although we also emphasize wanting to make through education the student achieves the goal of full-scale development repeatedly in formally, but in fact we pass what kind of education measure to make the student develops in the round without serious consideration, how to make the student's individual character and psychological quality get the problem of development especially. In the course that teachs reform, more and more teaching staffs realise, through implementing psychological education, make the student's individual character gets developing, make the student has good psychological quality and healthy psychology, it is a when our country education reforms new task.

What is psychological education? We think every can promote the development of student individual character and psychological character, the education that is helpful for student mental health calls psychology education. From the point of contemporary education concept, each aspects that psychological education should pervade the school to teach and go in each link. But in practice, a lot of teacher consciousness or not self-conscious ground think, psychology teachs the thing that basically is moral education worker, or a part that classmaster works, it seems that psychological education is education in reforming a process " add " a kind of when come in new content, the education with oneself concerns without what with his classroom education especially. Come so, the psychological education of a lot of schools became the school to teach a kind of medium ornament to taste, of psychological education activity begin often flow at the surface, hampered school psychology is taught badly thereby carry out, make the student cannot achieve the comprehensive progress on real significance. In fact, regard the psychology of broad sense as education, seek advice to help these forms with psychology besides psychology outside, in great quantities teach an activity to be united in wedlock together daily with the school, in education, study the respect such as tournament of activity of directive, class, extracurricular activity, sport, bonus and penalty is permeating the content that psychology teachs. In school education, the time that education place takes up is maximum, it is most far-reaching to student happening influence activity, also be the central segment of school education activity. Accordingly, education manage should reflect the idea that psychology teachs adequately. If education activity does not include active, active psychology to teach content, educational activity does not have the enough attention that develops to student psychology and individual character character, this kind of education and whole school education are not the education on present-day meaning, also cannot get used to a times to admit the new need that fosters to the talent.
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