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The environment that activate child communicates
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2, 3 years old are the crucial period that the child grows oral language, the good language between the parent and child communicates, rise to what child spoken language conveys ability, the formation of good nature, having positive effect. The parent is being taken there is enough patience to the child in raising a process, take care of the child meticulous and considerate, the life that values the child nurses, also begin to pay attention to intellective development of the child, but often ignore the language communication with the child, and the language is not quite normative, perhaps break the child's word easily, do not add guide, if things go on like this, child nurturance undesirable language conveys a habit, be like: The word says an in part, lexical lack, the demand that replaces him expression with the movement is waited a moment. The parent monopolized ask and experience of the child, ignored the child to want expressive content. Some parents still assumed a lot of chore, major in the family while lets child freedom amuse oneself, lack the communication of the language; Look after children when going out, just ramble casually, lack guides child observation, reflection consciousness. How be the language environment with child favorable activate as a parent? Adopt study and practice, I talk about my feeling from the following respects.

One, be good at exploiting the environment beside

The family is the good place that communicates with the child. Each link in the life, each bagatelle is containing to teach carve machine, if pay attention to,communicate with child actively, the child can become curious and lively gradually, glib. Talk with the child, do not let off any opportunities, undertake at any time, for example: The child awoke in the morning, the edge dresses to him, edge and darling chat: "Sleep comfortably? Darling has not waked, mom got up, busy move cooks wash clothes etc; " when washing dish to cook, let darling help by, mom introduces dish name to darling, enquire darling likes what to eat, tell darling how today's lunch is arranged etc; When the child plays building blocks, when watching TV, mom is accompanied play together by, the edge plays edge and child to chat, discuss, still can carry some of problem to let the child think. Want to be good at using village surroundings and child to communicate actively additionally. Our village environment is beautiful, establishment of circumjacent form a complete set is perfect, at ordinary times I like the yield results in work outside looking after children to move very much, the mobile space that enlarged the child already so widened again eye shot, provided good material for the language communication between mom and child. For example: See roadside drives the car that pass, I can guide child discussion: "The car leaves came, what car is this? The car made up what, where to open? The car is excellent full person, what are they multiplying a car to work? " be like again: See the puppy has gone, can ask the child: "Doggie abdomen hunger gets cluck cluck to cry, where to go to those who eat to search? What to look for to eat? " actually, there is taken never-failing communication subject matter in the environment that we live, tree of flowers and plants, character building is the topic that discusses with the child, want us to be good at guiding only, be good at discovering, apply the different situation beside actively to guide child observation, for the child creation looks, listen, want, saying opportunity, the child's the gift of tongues can have a very great leap surely.
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