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Yo of 3 years old of darling plan
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Arrived this age paragraph, what thing thinks he works. Should make full use of his this one apiration, try to know in respect of habits and customs, foster him to become a very free-standing child. At this moment can provide for oneself completely almost on child life, good move, kind-hearted and be full of love. The child's memory is quite strong also, seek knowledge desire very strong also. The child already very know a truth, have proper dispute point of view, can give others " find fault " , refute the opinion of others.

Physiology index
Height: 94.4 ~ 111.5 centimeters
Weight: 20.8 kilogram of 12.9 ~

Height: 93.5 ~ 109.7 centimeters
Weight: 20.7 kilogram of 12.6 ~

Every long-corn suckles 400 milliliter, egg.
Other advocate non-staple food is right amount. Need not force the child to eat more. Want to let the child have a meal sweet, want to make the child has hungry feeling above all. Degree of finish is tie-in, element of meat or fish is tie-in, dry rare collocation has profit. Want compensatory and enough moisture content. Athletic generous child should drink water more.
Want to assure enough sleep. The mom before sleeping should accompany the child conversation, sing. Let him child strip, clad. Training child brushs his teeth, prevent dental caries, the thing does not have before sleeping, after eating sweet food kind and gentle mouth.
Can the ran with harmonious movement; Can do up even if jump, the movement of standing long jump; Him meeting brushs his teeth; Wear disrobe; Can dominate oneself sentiment, do not get angry in disorder; Can express oneself desire, bold before others performance, speech.

Train a method one:
Establish self-confidence for the child. The child's self-awareness just is formed, memory is very strong. This period notices to want to establish a self-confident heart for the child especially. This grows those who come to him and of disposition it is quite important to form. The parent notices not to want certainly easily objurgatory child, many a little bit are inspired and encourage; Experience the whole process that overcomes a certain difficulty together with him.
Special clew:
Eat earthnut, melon seeds to remain danger now.
Train a method 2:
The athletic ability of cheeper period and intelligence develop have close relationship, want intelligence gets very good development, must increase athletic capacity. It is very important that the limbs that lets the child so gets taking exercise adequately. If conditional, can from rise at this moment let the child accept like wushu, dance the illuminative education that wait. Also can let the child begin to swim, but should notice safety, let the child often practice at ordinary times similar the craftsmenship that pats rubber ball to wait moves.  
Special proposal:
Everyday the outdoors activity time of two hours of above.
Train a method 3:
Notice training and the thinking that raise the child and savvy. Children basically understands through thinking in images all round the world, the parent should notice to begin to foster the child's thinking and savvy gradually from this moment, can first from figure proceed with, the size that teachs him to learning to compare an object, how many, the contrast such as accident, height concerns, the object that teachs him to learn to count at least 10 less than again several.
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