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Cheeper of home consensus Yo
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When classes are over, we often can see such circumstance, the parent pays close attention to the exercise bag that is stuck on the wall outside the classroom very much, the child picture that sees oneself draws how, the word writes how, calculate mathematically was opposite. Receive the first sentence of the child: "What to learn in nursery school today? " " teacher, is there home work today? " the trend that stresses inchoate culture study is clearer in child parent.

The parent's mood and practice, understandable. Its jumping-off place and teacher are same, it is for the child.

Nursery school education coachs compendium points out: "The educational content of nursery school is comprehensive, of illuminative sex, can differentiate relatively to wait for 5 domains for healthy, language, society, science, art, also can make other and different differentiate. The content of each domain is to be permeated each other. Promote the development of the respect such as cheeper affection, manner, ability, knowledge, skill from different point of view. " this pointed out new educational target viewpoint of value for preschool education----Education learns to prepare with development for child all one's life. The tendency that this kind of education looks mark viewpoint of value and parent emphasize inchoate knowledge learning formed contrast.

Attend class of art of the bottom class in a kindergarten, the apple on demonstrative picture of the teacher is gules, when cheeper is drawn, what the apple of major child besmears is gules, only obviously the apple is color. Teacher inquire bright: "Why you besmear the apple into color? " say obviously: "Because chromatic apple is good-looking " the teacher asks again: "Had you seen chromatic apple? " say obviously: "Without, myself plants after. " teacher very appreciation obviously reply, went up to his picture lid safflower.

Classes are over afternoon, when obviously when mom sees the chromatic apple that draws obviously, defend oneself did not criticize obviously: "You look, what the apple of others draws is much better, how are you drawn such? How are you drawn such??

To the education of cheeper, teacher and parent should make clear a purpose jointly: Preschool education is not knowledge engraft, the wisdom that rears child however, moral character, temperamental, health and joy. This is the inner world of cheeper and need decision.

The world of cheeper is a world that is full of curiosity and excitement, they are exploring the world with inherent and immanent curious heart everyday, countless " why " can circle in their head, at the same time they also hope discover and adult and they explore wonderful world together, share their joy and excitement.

The cheeper of this moment, of need is wide interest and carefree joy.

Mr Chen Heqin ever pointed out: "Babyish education is a kind of very complex issue, the family can not be competent on one hand, also kindergarten can not be competent alone on one hand, must want two respects coact to just can get sufficient effect. Must want two respects coact to just can get sufficient effect..
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