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Punish to darling need not " dozen "
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Archaism cloud: "The dutiful son gives under bludgeon " . The ancients godchild, do not object applying physical punishment, but emphasize wanting stop where it should stop, have different processing technique again to the darling of different age. Physical punishment is a method, education is a purpose, but the method is used incorrectly with respect to short of purpose. Those who change character, sheet relies on to call the quality of unalterable darling, the parent also cannot be counted on will call a dutiful son with physical punishment.

Modern society also has a lot of parents to often punish the mistake of darling through making darling. But consider to confirm, constant reason mental or emotional state does not stabilize the darling that take a beating, devoid proper pride. Believe each parents won't hope oneself darling such? "Hit " although can check temporarily the misfeasance of darling, but it can bring about darling to cry be troubled by, make parents feels greater pressure thereby. Of darling cry be troubled by the meeting is disturbed your idea, bring about you to continue to beat and scold him even, this can cause darling to cry further only be troubled by. "Dozen " can tell darling only, physical punishment is the best method that solves a problem. You discover surprisingly after, when the friend of darling offends him to get angry or he wants to cause them to notice, he can hit them.

Once take hit way, parents can make darling again after the likelihood, form a habit gradually. "Dozen " with life, detest and reject to connect directly, darling can recollect parents and the anguish that take a beating gradually photograph connection, think you do not like yourself thereby. As time passes, when you praise darling really, these praises had done not have value in his eye. "Hit " the insecure atmosphere that produces, can develop the negative effect with long-term generation to the relation of the parent and darling.

When darling err thing, parents is OK cold treatment, take the temporary segregation, kind that shut oneself up and ponder over one's mistakes, make him alone stay in a room to wake instead oneself, when waiting for him to admit one's mistake, discuss sincerely why to should be done so with him again. Also can punish him not to play the most beloved toy temporarily, must not see cartoon wait a moment, the method is varied, parents can be treated according to circumstance distinction.

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