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Yo of 2 years old of darling plan
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The child of this period, can make full use of all sorts of media inspire the child. Mom can make full use of the broadcast in the home, TV, " VCD " medium child program will inspire and teach the child, still can learn a few newest Yo from the net constantly means, this not only economy is efficient, and can let still learn more languages in exert a subtle influence on, increase the child's information content, increase his thinking capacity, promote the overall growth of child intelligence and body thereby.

Physiology index
Height: 80.9 ~ - 94.4 centimeters
Weight: 15.2 kilogram of 9.9 ~

Height: 79.9 ~ 93 centimeters
Weight: 14.5 kilogram of 9.4 ~

This period children is one day about into appetite:
Egg milliliter of 400-600 of a milk is other and proper over before quantity of half an year.
Add a few bake fragile steamed bread piece, rusk and hard mug-up, enhance masticatory function, profit grows at the tooth.
Notice to water to the child. Calculate by weight, water of milliliter of 100-150 of every kilogram weight, outside the water in dividing milk, meal, add the water of certain amount even.
Daily life: Sleep everyday 12-14 hour, sleep twice by day.
Training him child has a meal, sit basin relieve oneself, take off a shoe, pick a label.
At that time the enuresis between child midnight is general, need not wake the child up designedly piddle.
Walk smoothly, place of preliminary society double foot is vertical the movement that jump. Can say simple speech, understand simple a miniature reproduction of a painting. Like a painting; Of can divisional article much with little, big with small, can fumble the space defends. Understand a few kinds of natural phenomena that life middling sees.

Train a method one:
Exercise the flexibility of darling finger. Arrived this one phase, the child's finger is very agile already. To strengthen the flexibility that his hand points to further, stimulative cerebra development, mom can do finger to hold together with little baby. Mixing musical rhythm, let every finger get exercise. Still can let darling often take somes small object. Building building blocks is the game with this best period.
Special proposal:
Take a thing with finger, it is the method with exciting best cerebra.
Train a method 2:
Exercise the harmonious sex of the eye head of darling and foot. In can go previously, the child basically learns the both hands that controls his, arrived this period, the child already can walk independently, the motion of the double leg that is about to notice to foster child freedom to control his and double foot, make eye, head, foot and systemic movement are harmonious rise, can help the child up to do the exercise of fluctuation stair more daily, holiday had better look after children go on a journey, let him be in nature to the top of one's bent activity.
Special proposal:
Give the child all sorts of toys as far as possible, make they experience the joy of game.
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