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The person that be aimed at maths to learn difficulty -- partial case is solved
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Helping the student's valid study is pedagogic bounden duty. If want to help student learning effectively, must be known and use study law adroitly. To studying the matter with bad result, educational psychologist reached through long-term research one affects the formula of element of student achievement interior:
A=F(IQ, m, k)
The achievement of A delegate student (Acheievment) , IQ represents intelligence quotient level, m delegate learns motive (Motivation) , k represents original knowledge (Nowledge) . This formula is to say: Level of achievement discretion of the student and the intelligence quotient mark that should be born, motive and former knowledgeable level concern into function.
In the discovery in our education practice, great majority causes the element with mathematical difficult study to be blame intelligence element.
Our basis is numerous the actual condition that seeks the student that seek advice and accepts a test, a few issues that to the parent report focuses quite had thorough research and test. Now the section common problem research is published as follows as a result, in order to offer reference.

Problem: The exam often fails, or wander in passing fluctuation, have the desire of study at first, but study is very demanding, experience the success of study through trying to fail, then evasive or installing indifferent achievement, interest shifts other issue.
Some parent incoming telegram: My child foundation is bad, a few times final examination fails, just began to still know achievement dropped to ask to make up a missed lesson, but arrive more from the back learn to go down without interest more.

Problem: Classwork can be better finish, but encounter difficulty taller, omnibus stronger theme, cannot find train of thought, cannot issue a pen, inscribe greatly at the back of examination paper often blank or not agree with problem desire.

Some parent incoming telegram: Work to be finished very well at ordinary times, a lot of more difficult problems he was connected, but you do not tell him to do no less than going to, a problem should be spent superior long.

Problem: When becoming a problem often carelessness, cause simple error.

Some parent incoming telegram: My child is very clever, but always lose cent because of carelessness more, do the need when exercise to remind, often say he also does not change.

Problem: Become a problem dilatory, supervise without the person do not do.

Some parent incoming telegram: The child is very corrupt play, have me for some time to be away on official business after coming back, discover he does not like feigned line of business, nobody is not done by, still cheat me to say to do not have exercise sometimes.

Problem: Study result temporarily good, temporarily bad, not stable, it is good to before taking an examination of, be caught, do not catch bad.

Some parent incoming telegram: My child does work at ordinary times very fast, but do not wish to review, finish to see TV play game, before taking an examination of, we spend effort to be caught still can take an examination of well, but loosen achievement to go down again.
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