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Warn the parent: 8 conditions of eligible family education
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What kind of talent is an eligible tutor? The expert points out, the tutor that becomes a qualification should have 8 big requirements:

1. likes the child's person.

2. is occupied must rest act against one's will, beforehand can the person of announce, at the same time some other day still can give fill the person that attend class.

3. was late, want to show the account that be late, it is the person that is not late as far as possible.

4. if when the work that the school takes cannot be solved, not be the help on the horse is solved, put forward similar problem to let the child solve however, help child increases thinking ability and the capacity that solve a problem, is not the person that acting child solves a problem on the horse.

When 5. wants to ask his introduction to enter famous middle school, he does not make a reply instantly, let however and the goal defines again after school a teacher in charge of a class discusses, not easily the person of promise.

6. can go to school him or experience of the assiduous study when the school, exam, all introduction gives the child, and so as to arouses the child, arouse study interest of the child, teach child learning methodological person.

7. ability heart is directive jumpy, result is bad to mix the person of the child that has self-abased feeling; Child solution answered sb's question, praise instantly, enhance his person that learns enthusiasm; It is beyond study, still can conduct child play, campaign, enhance child self-confidence heart and the person with healthy spirit.

8. if parents one not careful and speak school teacher bad, when containing critical note, he does not participate in the person of the comment before the child.

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