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Ask family education to want discreet
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The family education near the school coachs the class is added gradually much, visible education more and more get attention. Filial education became first class major issue of the family. Individual child learning is not ideal, the parent perhaps works too busy, did not coach for nothing child learning; Or culture level is low, the study to the child is intentional and faint, how to do? Asked family education to coach the choice of a lot of parents. Prosperous place waits in laurel of suitable De Daliang, look, often ask family education to come to coach, although resemble carving place of drifting a few countries, send family education to coach the child what is the class already new issue.

However, is what oneself child asks family education necessary? Ask family education to some of what problem should note? A lot of parents did not become thorough knowledge, the parent wants careful consideration.

Whether to have the need that asks family education

1. Understand study situation of the child deep. The parent asks family education for his child, because discover the child to be paid no attention to on study,always think, the hope makes through family education his child achieves the goal in the heart. But, the circumstance of every student oneself is different, have intellective factor already, also have those who be not intellective element to form.

Because be disgusted with learns psychology to cause,difference of some children learning is. Parents does not cut the child effective demand is exorbitant, make the child produces the psychology that fears to fail, then causes study dynamic shortage. Some do not love to learn because of parents, nurturance is undesirable habit, if hit mahjong, buy illicit colour to wait, establish undesirable model for the child, cause the child inadvertently to learn. Some children are in school it is better to attend class, it is slacker, certainly of lack is in the home, supervise and urge, learn to often go up not to wait. Similar the study of these children, want parental change idea only, change behavior, the mind that makes good child works, be the study that can improve the child effectively. But the emeritus deserted teacher investigation that teachs to husband according to me is informed, major parent is being held in the arms " spend money solve a problem " state of mind asks family education. This shows, our partial parent is misunderstood to teaching existence.

2. Listen attentively to the child's aspirations. Well-known, uptodate child is in school study time is longer, one the world will to be able to say to go up whacked. Family education coachs make get pitiful off hours less already to be taken up originally, never mention it cannot employ computer, read extracurricular book, going up to also increase study burden of the child somehow. Know according to investigating place, 90% above student is not to wish to ask family education, just be forced accept. Common saying has say " learn those who had been inferior to, be inferior to Le Zhi well " . Child of we should like to ask is loath, how won't be get half the result with twice the effort, have even act in a way that defeats one's purpose?
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