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5 paces walk along the science that asks good family education for the child
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Nowadays, what is giving the child to ask family education already new issue. However, necessary ask family education to the child, ask family education to should note what problem, a lot of parents hold forbid. Many parents have a kind of blind to asking family education from numerous psychology. A lot of parents say: "The family is asked, oneself are not afraid of please delayed the child, the child that cannot let oneself falls at the back of others. The child that cannot let oneself falls at the back of others..

So, what kind of child is comfortable at asking family education?

One, by accident the class is more, do not follow to go up plan, or have slant division phenomenon, some course is especially poor, etc, at this moment, ought to consider to ask a tutor for the child.

2, the child that learns achievement difference. Because these students are on classroom,always be be ashamed at quizing to the teacher, although encouraged quizs, some teachers carelessly means method, criticize a student face to face, can hit the student's enthusiasm. Ask a good family education for its, can explain the knowledge that its did not learn not only, still can help him establish the hope that has study.

3, some students are better in some course result, to rise further, can ask family education for the child. One calls the fellow student of make public, like English at ordinary times, study result also perfectly. Her mom asked a female graduate student for its, undertake with her spoken language speaks once a week. She is more grumous to learning English interest, english achievement had again rise newly.

Ask family education avoid by all means blind, should note the problem of the following respects.

The child is asked for to be in more before asking family education the opinion of school teacher, ask family education to also should make family education seasonable undertake communication with the teacher later, olden division and family education can know specific state of the child truly, achieve the school and the unity that the family teachs thereby.

What ask family education to want to understand its knowledge to whether be abounded not only, should understand its to whether have love and good quality more.

When family education is teaching the child, not only it is to teaching knowledge, also be at the same time affect child thought disposition in the words and deeds that passes his form.

The education quality that evaluates family education cannot pure the result that sees the child, should see the child form good reflection more habit and study method. "Award with the fish, be inferior to awarding with fishing. Be inferior to awarding with fishing..

Undergraduate or graduate student make teaching in home, because be close to with child age, communicate more easily with the child.

But the education of undergraduate family education is mostly inadequate system, do not know education rule.
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