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How to choose teacher of proper teaching in home to the child?
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Term begins, students work, parents are vexed also rose, a lot of parents think to want to let the child not be defeated to go up in the scratch line, have to choose suitable tutor.

Family education market is at present hot and without foreword, the consideration should be added more when the parent chooses, shen Zhi careful, must not follow suit blindly.

Undergraduate husband teachs easy communicate

A lot of parents like to ask " high component " undergraduate, or " famous brand " undergraduate, think such family education can affect the child, influence child. Actually, the parent must notice, although these undergraduates are mixed age close of the child, communicate more easily with the child, but these undergraduates do not have a course to groom normally, do not have knowledge of methodical normal school, can help the child just perhaps complete work solution problem, smoothly. Because they are in the knowledge that masters in the school and foundation not to understand to the child, when explaining to the child, just be aimed at a problem that does not know, and the study ability with the student need what kind of nurturance that won't consider what level, cannot widen the student's train of thought, stay in the initial phase that inscribes topic of the speech, the student's accrual just also completed the work that the teacher assigned that day. Go down for a long time, the result that did not yield the child not only rises, contrary nurturance the psychology that the child depends on these undergraduates.

Gao Yixue gives birth to Liu Ru's parent to say, if be to choose an undergraduate to make teaching in home, want to see an advantage already, want again from the child set out actually. As a result of amount of undergraduate family education much, price is relatively cheap, family of student of low grade of middle and primary school can regard first selection as his. Difficulty of this education knowledge dot of first-order Duan Xuesheng is relatively easy, the main job of family education is the knowledge that makes up for classroom to go up to did not master for the student, or supervisory student completes home work. Accordingly, the teaching in home that the parent chooses an undergraduate to be low Duan Xuesheng is opposite be to one's profit is reasonable.

Yellow teacher of middle school mathematics thinks, if foundation of child oneself study is better, but hinder to press muscularity at learning, need the family of extracurricular guidance, tall Duan Xuesheng also can choose undergraduate teaching in home. The purpose of this kind of choice, it is the real problem that invites family education to exist in the light of the child, if solve subject method, open train of thought,wait provide a help. When the choice, still can consider to come from the student source of student outside the province mainly, be like the student of and other places of Hunan, Hubei, Shandong. Because place is teaching the excel on education quality,this is I am saved, the foundation of student middle and primary school masters relatively firm. And the student of fundamental deviation or preference, not quite right choice makes teaching in home.
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