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How to face the child unusual action
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The child is brought up every day, but his behavior lets you however more and more ascertain is not appeared, he begins to become very dillydally, on toilet, bathe should compare slow at ordinary times ten minutes; See you lose rubbish, can be he also abandoned and do not abandon the ground to go to time collect... the child after all how? Face these unusual action, how should be you treated?

When the daughter that becomes me 2 years old is willing to use her small bed pan eventually, I am extremely excited, but, very fast I discover a very strange phenomenon, every time her hind, still want to continue to sit on bed pan, a few minutes went, still do not see she wants the look that rise. I feel I am about to be not borne, sit on bed pan again in her once then when, I applause, stand up from bed pan till her. Those who make me strange is, since then, she actually give up this defect.

Right 2, the behavior of child of 3 years old is bemused unceasingly, it is the experience that all parents once had had probably. How does ability let the child be chosen no longer for instance pick up each leaf that sees on the road, how can you just perhaps let the child abandon wearing the thought of cotton boots in spring? The expert tells us: "These action part reasons of children depend on: 2 ~ because mastered new skill,3 years old of bub of this phase always are and excited unceasingly, because this often is met one and again, again and the ability that 3 the earth's surface show him. Appeared consequently the phenomenon that he always should hold to to do a thing ceaselessly. Additional, the concept that child of 3 years old elapses to time returns 2 ~ to blur quite, bathe for long or sitting on bed pan to perhaps look in them is a few short seconds only. Bathe for long or sitting on bed pan to perhaps look in them is a few short seconds only..

The expert hints we: This age paragraph social ability of the child and understanding are very limited, because this always can produce a few bearing that let the parent cannot understand. How should be we answered? Look in light of below a few kinds of commonner barpque bearing and answer way.

One of eccentricity: The toy is mad model

Look after children when you when thinking of park or friend home go playing, you let the child choose a toy that likes most to be taken, on lest road dull. But he installed all toys almost,wrapped, include those to suit the cloth baby that plays in the home only even.

Why can be the child done so?

The expert tells you: This is the savvy because of the child often meaning of literal of be confined to, say when you " the toy that you think to play in the park on the belt " when, the child can take all toys that enter the line of vision, because these toys are him,want to play in the park.

How should you do?

Do not give the child too much option, you can put the toy that suits to take a park to play (although dirty, wet perhaps took sand) of unapt also damaged toy, tell next the child chooses from inside these toys or two are taken.
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