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Quality education and mental health of high school student
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Value teenage psychological quality education, already more and more the consensus that makes whole society. So, the position in teaching Yo to be taught in executive quality to the high school student's mental health and action are what ? how to strengthen mental health to teach Yo ? the text in process of education of overall executive quality undertake discussing with respect to these problems only.

One, the core that mental health education is executive quality education

Above all, mental health teachs one of targets that are executive quality education. 21 centuries are the century that is full of competition, dare to take a risk, dares to explore, be good at competing, be good at cooperating, abound creation is the 21 centuries main demand to talent norms. These character do not have one not with good psychological quality closely related. Quality is taught even if requirement high school student is in heart, wisdom, the quality of face of body Zhu Fang sends to exhibit in the round, quality of high school student develops the content that has many sided, psychological quality is among them main component not only, and qualitative to other element development is having very big restrict action. The jumping-off place that its since quality teachs, it is a home to return to that quality teachs. The mentation of of a student is healthy, the often can affect a student correctly study attitude of the understanding that waits for a respect in problem of domestic concern, classmate relation, study and processing means and the view to the future, it is to matter to a student whether the serious problem of healthy become a useful person. Accordingly, mental health is the premise that develops good psychological quality and foundation, conversely, had good psychological element to pledge, mental health level of the person is high also. " Chinese education reform and development compendium " point out: "Raise thought morality of the student in the round, culture science, work skill and body psychology quality, stimulative student develops livelily. " this shows, psychological health is taught is the inevitable demand that the times expands pair of education not only, and one of targets that are executive quality education.

Next, mental health of high school student teachs the serious content that is moral education job. Mental health teachs very as close as the relation of moral education , be form of job of the moral education below new condition is outspread with complement. We think, the thought teachs the job to have 3 arrangement, namely political view nods education, ethical ethics education and psychological character are taught. There are many problem that belong to psychological direction in job of student thought education, and be not moral character or political viewpoint problem. Mental health education is in again Yo heart, improve psychological quality of the person, moral education is in again Yo heart, improve thought awareness of the person and moral quality, both is permeated each other, reciprocal increase clear. Good psychological quality is the vivid fertile soil that the moral character with admirable and exalted thought awareness are able to form, and good thought understanding and moral character can promote of element of psychology of high school student to rise further character again. " learn to write down " in say: "Know its heart, grow be apt to and save its to break. " those who tell is this truth. Education of mental health is having all in all effect to improving moral education to work. Characteristic of psychology of high school student understands in mental health education, the specific aim that advantageous works at improving moral education. No less than " a certain number of opinions that the Central Committee of Communist Party of China improves school moral education to work about strengthening further " what point out in : "Want to begin adolescence actively to sanitation is taught and coach, enter to go to the student of different age administrative levels through all sorts of means the guidance that mental health teachs, help student improves psychological quality, sound moral quality, increase bear the bilk bilk ability, ability of acclimatization . Increase bear the bilk bilk ability, ability of acclimatization ..
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