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Chinese education should learn to learn Liu Xiang
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Those who learn Liu Xiang is hardheaded. Circle in the air arrive from unknown to public famed at the world, reach creation world from Olympic Games champion record, those who lean is a work steadily practice hard, those who lean is dependable practice hard, do not act too hastily, not coxcombical, do not be eager to hope for success, wanting to carry use a shot in the arm more of what improve result, thereby, be in everyday progress, be in when every progress, reach new state ceaselessly, achieve new breakthrough, obtain new result. Like teaching development to also must resemble Liu Xiang, not coxcombical, do not be eager to hope for success, do not chase after the vanity of admire number, however ground of hardheaded, work steadily goes doing, resemble current new course reform, we still are fumbling, cannot be eager to summing up experience, should a few honester, have specific aim more a few.

Learn Liu Xiang (circle in the air team) scientific consciousness. Liu Xiang can gain so spectacular success, with scientific training method and method, the food that includes science and resting is not divided, training method and method with ceaseless innovation is not divided. If do not have not exquisite science, do not rely on science, nonreliance science, liu Xiang is impossible to obtain good result. What ponder over like teachers in that way, is quality taught in mixing, take an examination of, is the university entrance exam contradictory? How is ability more scientific?

Study composed psychology of Liu Xiang. To Liu Xiang, on one hand, result from have a good train, on the other hand, the modesty that depends on oneself is academic. Coach Sun Haiping of Liu Xiang is one special respect course of study, special be good at it is management, good to know a very team member psychology, low-key very much coach. He is known very and understand the psychology of team member, also be good at having scientific government, teaching to Liu Xiang's attune also is successive, rise to fall greatly not quite. Below the condition that obtains good result in Liu Xiang, he does not have be pleased with oneself, let Liu Xiang as far as possible can maintain a good training environment however, declined a lot of dinner parties, affect the play of achievement because of stopping normal training in order to prevent Liu Xiang. To Liu Xiang, also can treat taking result correctly, treat honor correctly, maintain a common heart, also because such, he just can obtain an another good result.

"On the stage one minute, below the stage 10 years of result " , no matter still be pair of countries to the individual, any " mad " opportunity, " mad " qualificatory acquisition, the strong effort when coming from Yu Ping, conscientious job, one brick of one stone accumulate, one knife of one gun go all out in work. After if we envy Liu Xiang,succeeding " mad " voice, also envisage him to be proud in that way look askance the world, rule the region of the Five Mountains, shining annals, that bends next bodies first, plunge into firm posture, a sweat bead throws 8 piece, work steadily ground goes hard!
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