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6 years old of cheeper evaluate 3 ~ watch
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Represent mood and the communication that are the same as other. This includes: Express and control mood, cooperate with other, show the special apiration, relation with parents is reached concern with general adult.

1. identifies the part of the body. Point to face, arm, leg or foot by the requirement.

2. shows a sentiment. Smile and show other and appropriate affection reaction.

3. leaves parents. Whether leave parents willingly.

4. contacts an adult. Whether the name that makes two staff members, actively and adult connection but depend on not overly.

The communication of 5. and companion. Speak comfortably with other children.

6. seeks new experience. Yearn for and seek new activity and experience; Show curiosity.

7. holds interest. Interest maintains not to need adult to encourage in sport activity.

The collaboration of 8. game. With game of 34 children collaboration.

9. adjustment sound. Should receive an instruction or attend sing and when language match, can dominate talking volume.

10. works continuously. Continuously dedicated the work that likes at, until finish or exceed 15 minutes.

11. shows pride. Show pair of achievement or the pride that generate innovation; Show the capacity that uses oneself completes the confidence of simple task.

12. shows special inclination. Indication apiration notes the desire of other children.

13. ego is protected. The right station that dares to be oneself comes out to speak, and do not permit other children gain unreasonable advantage often.

14. cares fairness. Get along with other children the consciousness that has fairness.

15. sense of responsibility. Abide by contest and mobile regulation to his behavior, with one one's heart is responsible.

16. realizes consequence. Behavior is contained foreknow the consciousness of behavior consequence.

17. demonstrates creativity. Novel think of a way is shown in making and flexibility shows in game and handiwork.

18. shows proper respect. The mood that considers someone else and experience and ego tie.

2, the development of the language and transmission skill: If listen, abide by is conveyed along with instruction, memory, ego, and read.

19. abide by follows ) of instruction ( Ⅰ . Abide by follows a simple instruction ( " sit down " " jump " " clap " wait for )

20. patulous audition. Note a brief story, numerate directly come or listen to recording patiently.

21. abide by follows ) of instruction ( Ⅱ . Follow 3 by ordinal abide by or more successional instructions.

22. discerns word. Identify oral in 5 pairs of words that give out similar or different.
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