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Disposition is dissocial cannot hold the post of by development
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On September 3 early morning, in street of understand of area of the hillock austral Harbin city inside 82 courtyards, a man of 33 years old because " love dog " be died by car make friends temporarily take things too hard, unexpectedly from oneself 6 buildings jump jumps down, do not treat die. As we have learned, male youth as a child disposition is dissocial, ego closes psychology is serious, do not be willing to be contacted with the person. 5 years ago, family bought a doggie for him, after this, this dog became the friend of his only. Ego closes, lack and family friend communicate and communicate, ability can bring about him to go along with love dog.

Ego closes is of phenomenon of psychology of morbid state of unwell of a kind of environment

Ego closes is to show oneself and external world isolation opens come, very few or do not have social activity at all, besides necessary job, study, shop beyond, major while passes him in the home, do not come and go with other. The person that ego closes is very alone, without the friend, fear even social activity, it is phenomenon of psychology of morbid state of unwell of a kind of environment consequently. Ego closes psychology is like next characteristics:

One, catholicity. Namely each age arrangement arise possibly. Children has TV disease putting under house arrest, teenage sexual is bashful the disease fearing a person that cause, gregarious scared psychology, middleaged person has socialization to be tired of psychology, because of,old people has " empty nest " the ego that die with the spouse and causes closes state of mind.

2, blame channel is epicene. Have close the person of state of mind does not wish to be communicated with the person, speak with the person rarely, not be to be able to say nothing, fear however or be fed up with chat with the person, former belong to passivity model, latter is belonged to active model. They are willing to chat with oneself only, if keep a diary, write Wen Yongshi, in order to express aspiration. Along with the person that the male youth that love a dog and goes belongs to this kind of psychogenic disorder.

3, escape a gender. Ego closes behavior and life setback are concerned, after some of person suffers setback and blow on the life, career, be depressed on spirit, become sensitive gradually to surroundings and not acceptability, appear then the behavior of evasive socialization.

Ego closes to bring about character possibly unusual with abnormal

Ego closes psychology is mechanism of defense of a kind of psychology essentially. Because the individual is in,the life and growing process middling often may encounter a few setbacks to cause the individual's anxiety. The ability that some people fight a setback is poorer, make angst accumulates more more, the means that he can close with ego only avoids the environment feels with reducing a setback back and forth. Additional, ego closes psychology and the certain error that character admits have causal.
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