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The aggressiveness of children and family are taught
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The aggressiveness of children (or say to encroach a gender) it is a very serious content in children sociality development. A person has a kind of immanent attack tendency natively, but develop as physiology psychology, tendency of this kind of attack may point to a few significant targets, if conquer external environment, controlling the success is gained in the environment. The " aggressive " that develops toward this direction, can turn person psychology into medium active part, wait like character of long-suffering sex, perseverance, volition. But if this is planted,inherent attack tendency points to a few targets that are not spoken favorably of by the society, if harm others, this kind of aggressiveness is harmful. In a few adults that cannot get along well completely with others and those on malfeasant body, we can see this kind of aggressive consequence apparently.

What article place should discuss is hind a kind of harmful aggressiveness.

One, what is aggressive

What do not wish to accept for other define aggressiveness to stem from in psychology intended or the harm behavior of tool sex purpose, this kind of intended harm includes direct body to harm (lay a person) , the language is harmed (name-calling, derisive person) and indirect, the harm of mentally (if missay rear, stigmatize of start a rumour) . The intention that has harm another person but the aggressive behaviour that did not cause consequence still attributes attack action, but the push-pull movement that children do not have animosity when amuse oneself together is not attack behavior.

Aggressive behavior can divide it is two kinds: The attack of the attack of animosity and tool sex. Animosity attack is the behavior that harms others of purpose, and the behavior that the attack of tool sex is to achieve stated blame aggressiveness goal harm other. In nursery school, a boy plays a girl intentionally, offend her to cry, this is animosity attack; But if the boy is to contend for the toy in girl hand only and hit her, attribute tool sex attack.

2, a few rules of aggressive development

Psychology considers to discover, generally speaking, the earliest aggressive action of children begins expression to come out in two years old of end. Somebody observed the 20-23 that makes game in couples all conflict scenarioes below infantile , record of the month, discover these toddle children grab a thing to be contended for with the companion, may produce wrestle (the " that if their conflict says " ,this is me; "Had had a car obviously " is waited a moment) . When conflict happening, they still meet menace and press companion, force companion make a concession. This makes clear 20-23 lunar baby already appeared inchoate tool sex atttacks behavior.

Following age characteristics that psychological research still discovered to attack behavior develops:

Of 1. blame directivity get angry behavior is seldom already after learning , of early days drop off 4 years old see. And aggressive behavior is learning early days to show ascendant trend, 4 years old reach peak;
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