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Alone disease little patient why not dare orthoptic other
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The children that why has alone disease not dare orthoptic other, even if be oneself parents or teacher? A when American scientist announces 6 days new research discovers, because their cerebra is medium,this is a special section, can judge the facial ministry of others into the signal that contains minatory sex, cause excessive reaction thereby.

Alone disease is the commonnest spirit disease in children suffers from, sicken children and other existence communicate an obstacle. Dare not stare the face of other or contact with other happening look, it is the apparent symptom of children loneliness disease. Researcher of Si Kangxing college is in American power new first phase " manito classics science " on publish a paper to say, the eyeball movement that they track children at the same time and cerebra each section activity, result discovery, when the children that has alone disease looks attentively at the face of others, the almond nucleus area that is in charge of judging signal of vision of ab extra and minatory sex in cerebrum is unusually active, cause negative sentiment. After this removeded as a result of sicken children eye, the division of department of shuttle shape face that is in charge of judging signal of vision of other face ministry in cerebrum is not quite active.

And to normal children, almond nucleus division won't be caused when they face up to the face of others active, division of department of shuttle shape face can handle enough visual information, will judge the face of other. Bound of the medicine before this ever thought, alone disease little patient cannot orthoptic other, because the division of department of shuttle shape face of their cerebra exists,be functional obstacle, weisikang the newest research achievement of astral university announced, cerebrum almond nucleus just is " culprit " .

This one research includes comparative test twice. In first time experiment, researcher lets alone disease little patient and normal children fix picture of ministry of two kinds of faces respectively, one kind is expression is excited, another kind is normal expression, let children next people make judgement to the expression of the photograph respectively, meanwhile researcher becomes the cerebrum activity that resembles watching children with nuclear magnetic resonance, the eyeball that tracks children moves.

In the 2nd experiment, researcher lets children people the facial ministry photograph that watchs familiar person and not familiar person respectively, watch the sport of their cerebra and eyeball at the same time. Two experiments make clear, disease little patient is opposite loneliness why to be planted no matter the facial ministry photograph of the type has similar scared reaction, and normal children reacts each are not identical.

Chair Professor Lichadedaiweisen of this one research to think, the cerebrum almond nucleus of alone disease little patient is put in functional obstacle, the facial ministry of the one that can see them is judged for menace, the scared reaction that cerebrum produces forces children not dare straight face someone else. Achievement of this one research provided new clue to treat alone disease. In the meantime, because alone disease is the mental disease that has transmissibility most, new research achievement also makes a scientist ponder over it to whether have gene parent.
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