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China "home boy" is facing an increase in family education "Sport" shocks
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"Holding out the hand afraid, afraid of in your mouth", this phrase is used to describe Chinese parents and elders were the next generation's attitude towards the family. With fewer and fewer children, the "baby" level of a linear upward trend, many parents do not trust their children go out alone, in addition to the solitary nature of the child, and now more and more children at home, "home" was, so China's family education is facing a new round of "Sport" shocks. 11 year old fifth grade elementary school students beams, yet timid but very small. Liang father said, is the home of two generations of single trabecular mass, so much since trabecular Chongni since birth. Child, not let him do this and that, for fear of a knock touch, did not think so timid and develop a character. In addition, the trabecular body is weak, fever little disease often pestering him, and the trabecular beams daily dad think it is too fussy, and less movement. Liang father admitted that trabecular Grandma "Xin Tourou", normally he dare not criticize the trabecular mistake, even a grandmother, patrol, has long become a family of "small ancestors." That is why, after school in the trabecular area and do not like to play with the children the same age, in addition to cram all the time at home reading a book outside or the Internet. Today, the beam biggest wish is father to the son of a strong self-reliance, his family is also driven by other forms of collective trabecular out more go out and exercise more. In fact, in China, the same as the trabecular like "home" at home has been more and more children, because children are now more than one child, was a dearth of initiatives to communicate with outsiders, in addition to and do not trust their parents Chongni , resulting in children are on vacation at home often do not go out every day at home doing their homework, watching TV, reading. Slowly, they do not exercise, who do not love Dali. Among girls, the majority. 20 years of education in the Korean teacher, told reporters today, the children began a lack of initiative, dependent parents, elders, very strong mind, mainly related with their parents Chongni. Child, parents do not trust their children out to play, look after the day; grow up, develop a child's eccentric personality, parents began trying to expel the child out, but this is often not have been thrust out. Interview, the reporter found that many parents are aware of family education in the "sports" important, many parents in addition to the daily "catch" more children go outside, but also by holidays with children climbing, running and so on, learn to "soak up the sun." Experts said that "home children" were generally more psychological stress, psychological reactance and lonely there will be more or less, so parents should change their role properly, the use of the time and sooner or later their children communicate, and guide more children out of home, and more with the outside world. Can also lead the kids in the evening to do housework, housework is exercise for the child's creativity, the children's psychological adjustment is also good. In addition, normally students can also invite children to his house guest, as long as the exchange of many children and their peers, and naturally will be out of the house was.
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