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Spring 2010 scholarship recipients L. Xi Xinyue Education learning experience
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Been feeling very far away from their own interpretation is something impossible for a professional touch. After all, the non-English majors who can use that in everyday life, very little chance of interpreting skills. So, to participate in class for the purpose of interpretation it was not in the future development of this road to go, but really want to be a learning, training opportunities. As we all know, universities, English classes for non-English major students can simply "water course" to describe, so many people think that their English should be the third year when the highest. English skills in order not to neglect continue at the university in 2010, winter, and I follow this stock, "interpretation" of the winter wave in the application of the L. Port classes. To be honest, when was the first to sign up for a return to many of my friends alarmist, saying that "children are reported in the mouth, junior high school," and they advised me to read directly the high port. However, later proved, I am glad that they chose in the mouth. In the mouth of the teaching process in Shangqie I have difficulty, not to mention a direct reading of the high port. Mastery of a skill to be a solid, we must learn from the start with the basics. Here, I would like to thank the two teachers, Cheryl Monica Yang Ying Ki Bun teachers and teacher. The first listening class, everyone really amazing about that. Not just for beauty teacher Cheryl, it is fine for her style and sense of humor. Listening to do well, not just to listen, more training, but also to grasp the wealth of knowledge, all aspects of the hunt. This is the teacher who in the L. are fully reflected out. Each time a new topic, from an economic, political, to the culture, health, etc., etc., Cheryl can tell us a lot of derivative knowledge. This understanding of the text for the hearing is of great help. Monica, our dear lamb teacher. She is always full of passion and vitality, I like her class, super-fast pace and character of the writing on the blackboard, can make people aroused. So, even though almost every translation class was placed in the last section, we can be bracing, lamb contributed ah. Lamb and Cheryl, are both responsible for the students and their teachers, can be patient and answer our questions, send e-mail is too hard working, review the information, notification of the test requirements, various types of learning resources are not falling. Lamb said a word, "only a little bit every day, every day, do a little bit", that is it made me develop a habit of listening and reading every day. Thanks again for teachers. Finally, want to talk about the experience a little pro forma. For the students a good foundation for winning in the mouth is almost not a problem, the question is how to get high scores. I think that listening is very important. Doing the listening, you can not just listen do not write, to be diligent pen to paper.
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