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Away from campus life personality stereotype emotional education for children t
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China carried out shortly before the village center of emotional experience primary activities --- "Do you know who your grandfather's grandfather do?" With children and parents through The Roots, some of them also go to the library, archives consultation, the family collected the most recent generations, including the title, name, birth and death, biographies, family memorabilia and other information. On this basis, the students also produced a simple family tree. Concept of the formation of emotional education system through activities Focus on academic achievement to the neglect of the child's mental development, is now a lot of schools, parents facing the error. In view of this, Hua Zhuang Central Primary School that "emotional education" philosophy and practice of many years of persistent exploration, and gradually formed a set of proven, suitable for students of different ages experience the characteristics of emotional development activities system. For example the first two years to carry out "Students love" through activities, so we understand the mutual exchange of the same table, to find partners to help them successfully solve the strangeness and helplessness; third and fourth grade of "Do you know your grandfather grandfather who "roots activities," I am a total growth with Caner "life education activities so that children come to realize their growth objectives and values, establish a sense of responsibility for learning; high school carried out" of Taihu Lake and Water Conservation Camp "and other activities, will allow students to actively participate in social, in gratitude bear the responsibility. Central Primary School in China village, every seemingly "mindless" activities, in fact, teachers have been the intentions of the design: a series of activities beyond the self, through the game "to do their own thing," and so admire my own understanding of their , acceptance and appreciation of their own; "Rainbow" series of cooperation activities, through the Duty squad leader, arts and crafts fairs such as love, the formation of respect for others, concern and help people around the character, to help children build positive and healthy relationships; Thanksgiving series of activities birthday by the elders, to the nursing home in sympathy, "Home Alone", so that children learn to be grateful, practice gratitude. From the simple moral emotion education extends to all aspects of Today, the school has a simple moral emotion education extends to all aspects of teaching, from the equality and freedom, do not raise their hands to speak in class, to listen to children tell the troubles of the "Sunshine Paradise" counseling room, so that students on campus Living out of a dull personality development of more robust.
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