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Brand College English tutor was that the thief and steal the head of the househo
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Thought the child had a high level of education your tutor, the child's learning can be to grow the kids can not learn what, the family property to really be discreditable soon. Dunhua very fact that I did not expect, was actually invited to the famous thief tutor students. The very fact that there is a home Dunhua are reading fifth-grade daughter, the daughter of English to improve performance, Ms. Zhang and her husband intend to discuss the tuition for her daughter requested a tutor in English. In early June this year, Ms. Zhang saw a small ad, a college English major students work to find a tutor in English. After contact, female students came to the very fact that Wang was at home the next day. See Wang graduated from the result of a well-known University of Political Science, Ms. Zhang Wang immediately decided to hire a tutor, tuition for his daughter every afternoon for 1 hour, pay 600 yuan per month salary. The very fact that both parents are due to go to work every day, so the only daughter of one family. Wang, the Chang family, long time, and the very fact that the daughter of another familiar. One day, Wang, Zhang found a small living room toy car, he took playing with, believe the car door is open, and discovered that the nominal value of all hundred dollars in cash, while Wang was the heartbeat. The very fact that Wang's daughter to the bedroom to practice speaking, in their own living room watching TV, my mind is always emerge out of toy car in cash, after some ideological struggle, she finally got the toilet toy car and stole One of the more than 1,000 yuan in cash. A few days later, once again came to Chang Wang, see Chang nothing unusual situation, Wang growing bolder, while the very fact that the daughter was not looking, Zhang implementation of the theft on several occasions, cash, jewelry , books and other belongings were swept. July 26, Ms. Zhang to attend a party, found himself a platinum necklace was gone, how the family can not find at home, so suspected to be stolen from the police. Dunhua City Public Security Bureau patrol unit launched the investigation after receiving the alarm, burglary investigation ruled out the possibility that Wang has a great English tutor suspects committing the crime. Upon review, Wang confessed a number of facts of the crime of theft, in June 2007 to July period, Wang stole 2,000 yuan in cash, a memory card 5 million, 1 million yuan worth of jewelry and cigarettes, vouchers and other property, the theft of jewelry all cheap stolen goods, and used vouchers to buy some gold and silver jewelry. Currently, Wang is XingJu.
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